Loan Types

Commercial term loans

  • All loans are serviced by commercial lenders who work with you to understand your business needs
  • Repayment can be structured according to your cash flow
  • Loan terms can be set to correspond with the life of the asset
  • Flexible collateral options are available

Working capital solutions

  • Finance working capital needs for growth and expansion
  • Purchase raw materials or finished goods
  • Cover work-in-process costs or finance-extended payment terms to your buyers overseas

Commercial real estate financing

  • Flexible lending options to meet your specific property needs
  • Loans, lines of credit and additional options for business development
  • Wide range of residential building financing available

Equipment financing

  • Full range of financing options, including capital leases, loans, equipment finance agreements, terminal rental-adjustment clause leases, and operating and fair-market-value leases
  • Financing specialists well-versed in both the tax and accounting treatments of larger transactions
  • Financing available for a wide range of items, including industrial, office and transportation equipment

Health care practice solutions

  • Purchase or refinance real estate
  • Purchase equipment
  • Acquire or buy into a practice
  • Increase working capital
  • Make leasehold improvements and renovations
  • Refinance to consolidate existing debt

Agribusiness lending

  • Loans can be structured on a revolving, seasonal or term basis
  • Repayment can be structured to work with your cash flow
  • Customized loans and solutions are available to meet your individual needs

Export financing

  • Secure financing to facilitate single or multiple export transactions
  • Get protection against nonpayment by foreign buyers
  • Offer competitive credit terms to foreign buyers with little risk
  • Expand your borrowing capacity by using foreign receivables as collateral
  • Take advantage of cost-effective financing options designed specifically for your business

Governmental financing

  • Municipalities and counties
  • Hospitals
  • Water and sewer authorities
  • Public colleges and universities

Industry solutions

  • Accounting firms 
  • Architectural and engineering firms
  • Agribusiness
  • Dental
  • Health care
  • Law firms
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmacy
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Veterinary
  • Wholesale distributor

Your business has our full attention

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